Our calcium-based mineral purification (CMP) process cheaply and effectively provides a means of purifying calcium based minerals such as chalk, gypsum, and, potentially, limestone and marble. Tests have successfully been performed on gypsum and chalk samples from across the world and the process has multiple potential uses in industry. We are protecting our process by means of patent applications. Whilst it can be run as a stand-alone process, we anticipate it could also be integrated with other chemical production processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We believe there is synergy of this nature with calcium carbonate powder and phosphoric acid production.

Gypsum and Chalk

The Carbon Cycle CMP process has proven to be an effective method for purifying low quality and waste gypsums so they can be used for applications from plasterboard to high white fillers. It is also an effective method for purifying low whiteness and waste chalk to a grade that could be used for high white filler.

Rare Earths & Precious Metals

Phosphogyspsum can contain relatively high levels of rare earths and precious metals. Using the Carbon Cycle CMP process we have been able to separate these metals from the gyspum. The concentrated ore produced could be a useful new source of rare earths and precious metals. Our process has the potential to provide large supplies of uranium, with significant environmental advantages through reduction of toxic waste and the need for mining.