Carbon Cycle is supported by a number of private investors and through partnerships with potential equipment suppliers and future buyers of our end products. Whilst we are not actively seeking new investment at this stage we are nonetheless keen to continue exploring opportunities with the right potential partners. If you are interested in talking to us further please do get in touch.

We also receive financial support from both the UK Government and the Canadian Province of Alberta. The UK Government’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund provides grant funding for the development and demonstration of innovative technologies in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation and energy storage. In 2013 Carbon Cycle was selected through a competitive process that involved a review of our technology. Support will continue into 2015 and cover the optimisation work currently underway. The Canadian Province of Alberta’s Grand Challenge competition, run by the Alberta Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation, provides funding for new technologies that convert carbon dioxide emissions into new low-carbon products and markets. Our award under this competition will support the Front End Engineering Design study in 2015.