gypsum mine and plasterboard

Carbon Cycle Limited is a research company whose original focus was on carbon capture and utilisation. While continuing to pursue this development work, we created a unique and highly useful method of purifying gypsum and calcium carbonates.

Label funding

As part of the initial development, Carbon Cycle received financial support from the UK government and the Canadian province of Alberta.

The UK Government provided grant funding for the development and demonstration of innovative technologies in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation and energy storage and, in 2013, selected Carbon Cycle through a competitive process which involved a review of our technology.

The Canadian Province of Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Corporation, provided funding for new technologies to convert carbon dioxide emissions into new low carbon products. Our award under this competition supported a front-end engineering design (FEED) study in 2015.


Label IP

The investment in research and development since 2008 has been produced valuable intellectual property on chemical processes, including purifying calcium based minerals. These are protected by patent applications and the use of trade secrets.

Labels Support

The Carbon Cycle management team has successfully licenced new technology in the past. All members of the management team have strong business backgrounds. The development team includes an industrial chemist and a chemical engineer.

Carbon Cycle is governed by a board with a wide range of applicable skills and experience.